Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Thoughts On Air "Paleo Sails" cs Avant Archive (out of print-a few copies available from digital copy available here:

Thoughts On Air "Psongs of Retrospect Vol. 1" c26 Hobo Cult records (out of print-volume 2 might make way on d'artagnon tapes)

Organ of Species "Random Selection" cs (still available via label)


Vital Weekly:
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Animal Psi:

Zen Effects:

Static Encounters:

Vent re-issue (thanks Carter) (out of printl)

Thoughts on Air - Lazy Haze cs
(can be made available contact

............moon powered couch potato drizzle


zen effects::

Thoughts on Air - Lazy Haze exerpt by Cloud Valley

gorgeous video for up the downside from hobo cult/Moduli TV:

Near future:

Thoughts on Air "Random Tandem" 100+ minute triple release deluxe edition old frontiers label
4 way 2x cassette split release with royallen/reedbeds/dj ectocooler/thoughts on air on calypso hum label
Thoughts on Air "Glow On" cassette tranquility tapes label
Thoughts on Air "SoftlightFM" cassette Space slave editions
Psongs of retrospect volume 2 (final volume) c30 D'artagnon
split c60 D'artagnon
Permanent Bedhead cs on Cave recordings
Organ of Species "Cosmic Zoop" cs rocket machine tapes